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1500 Points Isengard vs. Rohan

Following up on the Fords of Isen scenario, several local area gamers got together to up the points a bit and do 1500 points of Rohan and Isengard.  The main thing I wanted to do was show how Epic Heroes work in the game.  Rohan was led by Eomer and Isengard was led by Lurtz.  We decided to do The Field of Swords Scenario with the Shieldwalls setup.
Here was the Order of Battle:
Leader:  Eomer
4 x Co Oathsworn Militia w/Captain & Standard
4 x Co Grimbold's Helmlingas, w/Grimbold, Standard
2 x Co Rohan Knights Dismounted w/Captain, Standard
2 x Co Oathsworn Bowmen
2 x Co Oathsworn Bowmen
1 x Co Dismounted Outriders
3 x Rohan Knights w/Captain
6 x Co Erkenbrand's Riders w/Erkenbrand, Standard
6 x Co Elfhelm's Riders w/Elfhelm, Standard
Leader:  Lurtz
4 x Co Uruk-Hai Phalanx w/Captain, Standard
4 x Co Uruk-Hai Warband w/ Captain, Standard
2 x Co Uruk-Hai Scout Archers
2 x Co Vrashku's Talons w/Vrashku
4 x Co Ugluk's Raiders w/Ugluk
1 x Co Uruk-Hai Bezerkers
4 x Co Sharku's Hunters w/Sharku
3 x Co Warg Riders w/bows

The initial set up.

 I set up the table with minimal terrain aside from a few hills, two woods, and a wooden building that counted as defensible terrain and could hold two companies.  We had two players playing Rohan and two for Isengard.  Since I was Rohan, the other Rohan player liked my setup and had no objections.  The Isengard players decided to put the bulk of the their force on their left flank to include both formations of wargs.  They solidified the middle with Uruk-hai and had Ugluk and his Raiders out on the right flank

Rohan won priority for Turn 1 and quickly moved the Oathsworn Bowmen into the woods to take advantage of the defensible terrain.  The rest of the army moved up alongside them to keep the army in line.  Isengard then moved Vrashu's Talons and the Uruk-Hai Scout Bowmen up on the hill and pushed the wargs along the left side to exploit Rohan's right flank.  Vrashku's Hunters anchored the right flank by moving into the woods.

Beginning of Turn 2.

On Turn 2 Rohan moved the Dismounted Outriders into the building and moved up the rest of the infantry.  Isengard pushed up the Uruk-Hai in the center and moved up the wargs on the left.  The Shoot Phase began causing casulties on both sides with the Rohan Bowmen in the woods losing a company.  Since the Isengard player retained priority, they charged the Oathsworn Militia with Lurtz and his Uruk hai Warband.  Lurtz declared a Heroic Duel and easily killed the Rohan Captain.  The ensuing Fight Phase proved inconclusive with both sides taking casualties and Rohan rolling a Steadfast result on the Panic test. 

Uguk leads the Uruk-hai against the Oathsworn Militia.

On Turn 3, Ugluk's Raiders came out of the woods on their right flank to block the Rohan Royal Guard from charging the Uruk-Hai Phalanx who was already opposed by Grimbold's Helmlingas.  Ugluk's Raiders lost the fight and became disordered on the Panic test.  Lurtz and his Uruk-Hai charged the Oathsworn Militia taking out two companies who then became disordered on the Panic test. 
Ugluk's Raiders lost the fight and went disordered.

The Uruk-hai bezerkers flank Grimbold's Helmlingas.
On Turn 4, all formations passed their Courage tests recovering from disorder.  Ugluk's Raiders decided to move backwards in order to escape from Erkenbrand's Riders who were coming up on the left.  Erkenbrand then charged Uguk's Raiders, but then Erkenbrand was killed in a Heroic Duel with Ugluk.  Erkenbrand's Riders ultimately won the flight, but took heavy casualties and Ugluk's Raiders became disordered on the Panic test.  On the other flank, Eomer charged the Royal Knights into the Uruk-Hai Warband formation killing Lurtz in a Heroic Dual and causing the Uruks to disorder, but the Knights took heavy casualties.

On Turn 5, the Uruk Hai Bezerkers charged the Royal Knights suffering three casualties, but killing the other Royal Knight Company.  The Uruk-Hai Phalanx charged Grimbold's Helmlingas taking them down to one company.

On Turn 6, Eomer thought it would be best for him to move to the Oathsworn Militia formation and regroup with Grimbold and the remaining Royal Knight company.  The Oathsworn Bowmen on the Rohan left flank decided to move to reinforce the center.  The Uruk-Hai scouts charged the woods defeating the remaining Oathsworn Bwomen company.   On the far right of the Rohan army, Sharku's Hunters engaged in a series of fights with Elfhelm's Riders, with Elfhelm killing Sharku in a Heroic Duel, but Elfhelm and the rest of his riders were killed in the ensuing fight.

Om Turn 7, Ugluks Raiders took refuge on the woods, so the remnants of  Erkenbrand's Riders decided not to pursue and headed across the field to assist Eomer.  The Royal Guard charged Ugluk's Raiders in the woods, but lost the combat due to the defensive terrain bonus. 

The remnants of Erkenbrand's Rider's move to finish the Uruk-hai.
On the decisive Turn 8, Ugluk's Raiders were able to exit the woods during their move and were able to set themselves up to charge the Royal Guard in the flank.  Erkanbrand's Riders rolled a six on their charge move and defeated the remnants of the Uruk-Hai Warband.  The game came down to Eomer charging with the Oathsworn Militia at the remnants of Sharku's Hunters.  The Militia were able to defeat the wargs with Eomer using his Epic Strike special rule.  Sharku's Hunters became disordered on the Panic test.
Eomer charges what's left of Sharku's Hunters.
So in the end it was a Rohan victory with Rohan killing Lurtz, Shaurku, and two Uruk-Hai Captains and Isengard killing Erkenbrand, Elfhelm, and one captian.  Since an Epic hero is worth four points, and captains one, Erkenbrand was in his Legendary Formation and did not count as an Epic Hero, but as a captain which resulted in Rohan taking the game on points.
You can see the video battle report here:
For the next game we are going to up the points again, this time to 2,000 and add monsters and magic.

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