Sunday, February 15, 2015

Rohan Campaign Turn 2

The forces of Isengard were not able to break the Rohan defenders at the Fords of Isen, so they decided to retreat back to the safety of Orthanc.  Saruman was displeased that his orcs were not able to kill Theodred and wipe out the line of Théoden.  Even worse, he had learned that Gandalf had somehow appeared in Rohan and had broken the spell he had over the King.  He called forth his orc general Lugdush and told him to prepare his army for war.  He sent word to the Dunlending Chieftain Thrydan Wolfsbane to make for the Fords of Isen in two weeks time where he will be met by Lugdush and an army of Uruk-hai, a new breed of orc that Saruman had created by crossing orcs and goblin men.  These Uruk-hai were stronger and better armed than orcs and could march under the light of the sun.  Saruman then outfitted his new army with heavy armor and pikes to stop the horse lords and siege ballistae, capable of shooting long distances.  Now he had the army he needed to seize Rohan, not of thousands, but tens of thousands!

Saruman confers with his general Lugdush at Orthanc.
Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, and Gandalf the White meanwhile had come into contact with Erkenbrand, master of the Westfold, and his eored of riders. Erkenbrand told them a sickness had come over King Théoden and he would not leave his fortress of Edoras.  Erkenbrand also told them that word had come to him that Theodred, son of the king, held off what appeared to be and advance guard of orcs from Isengard.  Erkenbrand was taking his eored to reinforce the fords in the event Isengard returned.  Knowing that it was Saruman who had cast a spell on Théoden, Gandalf rode quickly  to Edoras.  Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas rode with Erkenbrand to the Fords of Isen knowing that if the position there fell, the forces of Isengard would be unleashed on the Westfold. 

But something was happening that none of them were aware of.  The ents were beginning to wake after a long age, and were to find that they were strong.

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